Our Goals


Our technical personnel have been investigating the reaction between carbon nanotubes and deuterium since 2005. As we have described, the reaction has been verified in three types of testing of Deuterium Energetics, and independently verified. Additional research needs to be done to:

  • characterize the energy being emitted
  • identify the existing technology that can convert that energy to electricity
  • complete the construction of an existing demonstration prototype
  • Determine means for energy output control
  • Identify any limits on scaling energy output up or down

Intellectual Property

Deuterium Energetics is committed to protecting its technology with patents.

It currently has two basic patent applications under active prosecution in the United States and the European Patent Office. We also have extensive related technology protected as trade secret and knowhow. Our efforts to protect our technology are ongoing.


We are not interested in manufacturing devices to exploit our technology. We want to focus on further technical research and development. To do that we plan to license our technology by field of use to those who can most effectively bring this technology to the market. 

Potential licensees:  

  • Utilities – Significant energy source to replace current technologies like wind, solar, coal, oil, gas, and nuclear
  • Government – Portable energy source and vehicle power
  • Automotive – Electric cars
  • Manufacturing – Batteries, HVAC systems
  • Materials – Helium production
  • Medical – Cancer treatment with 20 MeV energy 

Employment Opportunities

Do you have a background in nuclear technology or material science with an interest in taking Deuterium Energetics to the next level? Contact us. 

We are looking for driven individuals with capabilities in management and marketing.