A Proven New Paradigm of Energy Production


Clean Energy from Readily Available Materials

From the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency: "DIA assesses that whoever produces the first commercialized LENR power source could revolutionize energy product and storage for the future." 

Deuterium Energetics has the research results to demonstrate that is has such a technology.


Electrical Power for This

Scalable and controllable


Or for This

No green house gases, toxic waste or byproducts

Our New Energy Technology


We have discovered a viable, clean new way to produce energy

The environmental impact and cost of energy production has produced a long-standing need for efficient, clean, and affordable energy. While many “green” energy processes have been devised, all have significant drawbacks. Our research has produced energy technology that can revolutionize energy production. It requires no energy input, no expensive or restricted materials, and produces energy in excess of what can be produced conventionally with no greenhouse gases or toxic byproducts.  


Nuclear energy without high temperatures, radiation hazards, or dangerous materials

This technology involves nuclear reactions at the molecular level without massive reactors. It is called LENR or low energy nuclear reactions. It can produce energy without producing dangerous radioactivity or radioactive byproducts. This is not "cold fusion," it is a nanoconfinement reaction. 

The discovery in a nanotube

We have discovered that the unique electronic environment inside a carbon nanotube will overcome the repulsion forces and allow deuterium atoms to react and produce Helium and energy.

What our technology will replace


Massive power generators will be unnecessary

Whether they burn oil, natural gas, coal or uranium, no more emissions, toxic or radioactive waste, cooling towers, or waste heat. Our technology produces million of time the energy per unit mass than any known chemical fuel reducing the size of power producing devices. 


No more of these either

No need for a acres of solar panels with their site requirements and maintenance needs.


Or these

Costly, maintenance intensive, and visually disruptive towers are not necessary

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